Quinta Dourada Development

Set in the hills above Albufeira in the heart of the Algarve, Quinta Dourada is a unique development where the concept of luxury living reigns. Exceptional design, 5-star facilities and exclusive amenities come together to create a stylish piece of paradise in the south of Portugal.
Phase one starts off with 1+1 bedroom apartments and villas.
The development features 64 apartments in split-level design, with 32 ground-floor apartments and 32 penthouses, all of which include private underground parking and storage. Both with 1 bedroom, 1 studio, 1 bathroom and 1 WC with shower. The ground-floor apartments offer private pools and sustainable gardens, while the penthouses boast stylish roof terraces with pool and panoramic views.
The spacious villas at Quinta Dourada enjoy even greater privacy in privileged locations. There are three villa types, all of which have 2 bedrooms and 1 studio, private pool and garden. Type C comprises 1 full bathroom, 1 WC with shower, 1 guest WC and a closed garage; Type D features 1 full bathroom, 2 WC with shower, 2 guest WC and a closed garage; and Type E includes 1 full bathroom, 1 WC with shower and 1 guest WC, a basement and private underground parking.
Quinta Dourada offers 16 exquisite townhouses. Spanning four levels, they comprise 1 bedroom, a studio, a bathroom, a WC with shower and guest WC, along with private garden and pool, individual storage space and private underground parking.

2023 Summer Rentals Listing COMING SOON

Why not get prepared for next summer and book a stunning apartment/townhouse/villa with us in the sunny Algarve.

We will be launching our summer listing for 2023 very soon and invite you to browse our site and get in touch with any queries.

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Pad in Portugal are delighted to introduce our rental property service.

We are thrilled to share with you our exclusive portfolio of luxury villas and townhouses to rent in Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago and the Golden Triangle.

We have carefully selected some of the most luxurious properties available in the Golden Triangle area of the Algarve for you to choose from, to ensure a unique holiday experience for all of our guests.

Browse through our portfolio of holiday villas and discover your perfect property.

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How is life in Portugal for families?

Portugal is a very family-focussed place. We’ve already touched on how children fit in. It doesn’t end there.

Visit any Portuguese shopping mall at the weekend, and you’ll soon see huge family groups out together. They often span three or more generations! There’s a definite cultural difference, especially when compared to the often-fragmented family life seen in the UK.

When it comes to raising children, the climate also provides a helping hand. With an incredibly long summer and generally mild weather all year round, outdoor living is the norm, rather than the exception. There’s simply not much of the year when crowding around a games console seems like the best option!

A word on education

Portugal provides open state education to all residents. Children attend school until the age of 18. In the final years, students can choose to continue with academic studies, often with the intention of moving into higher education. Alternatively, there’s the option of taking a more vocational path.

Could your family enjoy a better lifestyle in Portugal?

Could your family enjoy a better lifestyle in Portugal?

In common with the UK, Portuguese state schools vary in quality. Budgets are sometimes tight, and there can be an element of luck in which schools are accessible (and have available places) in which location.

If you have the budget, there are plenty of private options. These range from small independent schools to international institutions with established reputations, high standards and high fees. That said, in many parts of Portugal there are options for private education that are more affordable than you might expect.

Which route to take will depend on the individual child. Age is a factor. It’s generally reasonable to say that younger children find it easier to integrate themselves into Portuguese school life. There’s more to think about in terms of language and cultural differences with older children. Either way, there are plenty of options, especially in and around the locations suggested below.



Pad in Portugal specialises in sourcing luxury real estate in the areas of The Algarve, The Golden Triangle and the Silver Coast, providing access to many unique and distinctive high quality properties on the Portuguese coast. We help guide you through every step of the buying process, enabling you to make your investment decision with confidence and peace of mind.

Known as one of the finest places in the world to retire and one of the best choices for real estate investment in Europe, here are just ten reasons why there is so much more to Portugal than sun, sea and sandy beaches!

  1. Excellent tax advantages. As well as the Non-Habitual Residency Scheme, there is no inheritance or gift tax and no wealth tax in Portugal for those with residency status.
  2. Portugal is the 3rd most peaceful country in the world. Portugal is yet again ranked 3rd out of 163 countries in the Global Peace Index of 2020 (below Iceland 1st and New Zealand 2nd)
  3. Strict planning permission. These ensure the natural beauty of the country and limit the supply of new properties, keeping demand high. Portugal has one of the lowest population to land densities in Europe.
  4. The country is politically stable.  In an age of uncertainty, political and social stability in Portugal is seen as a competitive advantage in attracting more foreign investment.
  5. Good rental returns. Gross rental yields in Portugal are among the highest in Europe, ranging from 4%, with 10

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